A new Deepfake reveals what it would have been like to see Jean-Claude Van Damme would have looked like had he played the role of Johnny Cage in the 1995’s Mortal Kombat.

While actors enjoyed the performance that was given by actor Linden Ashby, Van Damme is one of the most celebrated action heroes of all time. Seeing him in the film to play one of the lead characters in the video-game adaptation would have been pretty legendary, but now we can see him deliver his lines.

It’s definitely worthy of consideration, given how Jean-Claude Van Damme was the one who inspired the video game franchise to include a character like Johnny Cage. Even though he played an important role in the Street Fight film that came out a year ago, Linden Ashby ended up getting the role for Cage.

While the new Mortal Kombat reboot does not feature Johnny Cage, the director Simon McQuoid revealed that Cage will be an important part in the sequels. WWE Superstar The Miz wishes to play the character, and he definitely is the right fit.

Nitish Vashishtha

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