Paramount+ is coming out with a new Rugrats reboot and it is set to feature an all 3D rendition of it’s cast. The immensely popular Nickelodeon series premiered in the 1990s, completing 9 successful seasons and became a pop-culture classic in the process.

Some new promotional footage for the show’s reboot now gives us a glimpse of the characters in 3d design and reveals it’s official premier date. The series is all set to premier on 27th May.

The new footage features some interesting interactions between the show’s main cast and is something that will get long-time fans of the show really excited. Furthermore, the original cast of the show is all set to reprise their respective roles in the reboot, much to the fandom’s delight.

There has been a vocal part of the fandom that doesn’t see eye to eye with the 3D design of the characters in the show, however, there are also those who say that this will help make the show marketable to the young children of today.

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Darshan Sheth

Darshan Sheth is a freelance news contributor from India. Darshan has been writing about pop-culture since 2016. Outside of news writing, Darshan has been working on building his career in mass media and film-making.

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