Felix Verdejo, a former 2012 Olympics Boxing participant, has been charged with the deaths of a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. The deceased woman, identified as 27-year old Keishla Rodriguez, was found in the San Jose Lagoon.

Verdejo surrendered to the authorities on Sunday evening, 24 hours after the body was found by the police. According to the police, Rodriguez’s body was in such a horrible condition that they had to identify her using her dental records.

Police officials revealed to TMZ that they are working with the FBI to interrogate a witness who claims to have knowledge about the incident. The witness claimed that Verdejo approached them for their assistance in getting rid of the woman’s pregnancy.

The witness went on to reveal that he and Verdejo used a Black SUV to abduct the woman and that the boxer ended up punching the lady in the face and injected her with a syringe full of “substances”.

It is being alleged that Verdejo then proceeded to tie the woman’s hands and legs and tied a heavy block to her body and threw it off the Teodoro Moscow Bridge, into the San Jose lagoon.

The witness went on to reveal another shocking detail about the incident, saying that Verdejo shot the woman multiple times to end all chances of her surviving this incident.

The boxer is facing multiple charges including kidnapping resulting in death, killing an unborn child, carjacking and more. If he is found guilty of all these charges then he could very well receive a death penalty.

Darshan Sheth

Darshan Sheth is a freelance news contributor from India. Darshan has been writing about pop-culture since 2016. Outside of news writing, Darshan has been working on building his career in mass media and film-making.

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