DJ Khaled is a huge figure in the world of music. The We The Best CEO has been a buddy to Kanye West since a long time, so naturally he has solid insight into Ye and how he goes about conducting himself in public.

Ye recently showed up at an event with the wedding ring Kim Kardashian made him wear for their marriage. After fans saw it, they went nuts and started holding out hope for his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

DJ Khaled came forward to reveal that there’s a lot to it than Kim & Kanye being together. However, people should give up having any hopes for the former couples return to supporting each other in life, according to him.

The artist and entrepreneur talked to ET online & revealed exactly what is going on with Kanye. In the interview, he revealed that Kanye is not completely over being separated with his wife of 8 years.

First of all, God bless him and his family, remember this was a while ago, and when I say a while ago, like, when I was first starting to create my album. And I was just playing him song ideas I had so this was long, not too long ago, this was like way before, you know, all that and I want to send my love to him and his family and his kids, you know what I mean? God bless him and his whole family, you know?

While Kanye is busy coping with the loss of his longtime relationship which he valued so much, Khaled had nothing but strength and support to give him. Perhaps Kanye will move on healthily, just like Kim has been. Stay tuned for more.

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