DJ Khaled got some big attention for his new record when Kanye West was spotted in a promo shot with his wedding ring on. Now Cardi B is defending her artistic integrity as fans call her out over a verse on Big Paper.

Cardi B is getting the most backlash over the track, because fans don’t believe she penned her lyrics. Her verse was apparently the final thing Khaled needed to make the record “101% done.”

The WAP rapper had to jump on Instagram Live and explain why her verse came so late in the game.

“Literally, I didn’t thought I was going to make the record to be honest with you. Because I got the beat before yesterday – and yes I wrote the record. You know I like to sound really good, because one thing I’ve been really insecure about is my accent. I have a really big accent. I was making sure that everything was mixed right. Literally, I think Khaled got the song like 7 a.m. my time. He got it mastered and everything, and I hope you guys like it.”

Cardi B received some hatred for her explanation. Fans didn’t believe she wrote her own lyrics. “She can’t even type a full sentence on Twitter how she gon write a-ykw,” one fan replied. Someone else retorted with, “She lying bye. She ain’t write nannnnn.”

She replied to this backlash with a tweet that she later deleted: “The day Khaled did his video we sent him the hook and one verse so he can know I was working on it and not frontin. This is my messages from last night my engineer sending me different mixes in the middle of the night since we had to turn it in at 7am Thursday Morning!”

Cardi B also shared a screenshot of her messages and showed that they were talking about the song between herself and the engineer about her vocals.

This might not stop all of the naysayers from coming at Cardi B, but she is sticking to her story that those words are all her.

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