Kobe Bryant’s estate and Nike recently went their separate ways after their deal came to an end. However, it seems that the basketball legend’s estate has plans to do something big on their own.

As per Josh Gerben, an intellectual property rights attorney, there have been 13 trademark claims by the late-basketball-player’s estate according to the analysis of the legal filings that were made on behalf of them.

Complex Magazine had recently reported that after the estate’s contract with Nike coming to an end, they had not opted for renewing it and had chosen to go their separate ways. Gerben made a statement to CNBC, where he said:

The filings would suggest Vanessa [Bryant] is building an IP portfolio for a new brand launch.

As per the analysis, it seems that the trademark filings were based on the intent to use them under producing clothing, gym wear, loungewear and footwear. With the trademarks actually filed under “intent to use,” it means that there’s probably an underlying business that will be making commercial use of them.

Shervin Pishevar, the co-founder of Virgin’s Hyperloop revealed that Bryant wasn’t happy with Nike and wanted to start a shoe company named Mamba which would be owned by the players themselves.

The Mamba Sports Academy, where Bryant and his daughter where heading on the day of the crash, has removed its prefix and is now only known as “Sports Academy.” While it may have been Bryant’s own dream, it seems like it’ll be fulfilled by his estate.

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