Corinne Foxx, the daughter of actor, producer and musician Jamie Foxx, revealed that she was mortified by her father while growing up. With Jamie Foxx & his daughter’s new Netflix series titled “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me” is coming out, it is only appropriate to talk about the real struggles the father-daughter had with each other.

The show is based on Jamie playing a single dad, Corinne playing his teenage daughter and both of them going through the motions of Corinne’s teenage angst and Jamie’s cluelessness as to how to handle that.

When Corinne was asked by the New York Post to rate his father on a scale of 1 to 10 on the basis of how embarrassing Jamie really is as a dad, she gave him a resounding 15 out of 10.

When you look at these stories now you can laugh, they’re hilarious. When you’re in the moment and it’s happening to you and you’re a teenager and everything feels like the end of the world … It felt like the worst thing that could happen was him showing up at my soccer game in a tight leather jacket. ‘Gosh, why is he doing this?! Nothing could be worse than this!’

Corinne disclosed that while she is closer to her father than she ever was, things were rather uncomfortable for her in the past. Corinne’s mother is Jamie’s former girlfriend Connie Kline.

My dad was very over the top, very charismatic. I was more reserved and quiet so we had these funny moments of tension or him embarrassing me. Now, I’m at the age where I can appreciate all of his quirks and him being over the top and I definitely have a new perspective on all of his antics now. We’re incredibly close and I think we always had this yin and yang relationship where he was really over the top and I was more reserved and that’s where in my teenage years a lot of conflicts happened. But now I think we can appreciate those qualities in one another and we use that creatively to our advantage.

The show has already been released on Netflix. Let us know what you think about Jamie Foxx & Corinne’s on-screen chemistry down below in the comments.

Nitish Vashishtha

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