How I Met Your Mother was one of the most beloved sitcoms in the last decade, as it aired from 2oo5 to 2014 and featured many memorable characters and moments. Many fans compared it to Friends and some even preferred it over Friends. However, the ending for the show remains one of the most divisive episodes in the entire show as many fans simply hated the ending with a passion.

Due to the ending, the show has earned a negative reputation in the fanbase. Now it seems one of the stars of the show, Josh Radnor, has a controversial take as to why fans hated the ending so much.

While speaking on Saget’s podcast Here For You, Ted Mosby’s actor Radnor explained his theory as to why fans simply couldn’t tolerate how the show ended.

“Anger is an easier emotion than grief. People were more comfortable being angry than sad. They were sad their favorite show was ending and they were sad it didn’t end the way they wanted it to. Rather than sit with the feelings of sadness or loss—which is what [creators] Carter [Bays] and Craig [Thomas] were asking people to sit with… not everyone was up for that.”

Radnor added that time will be kind to How I Met Your Mother as people continue to watch the show and talk about it.

“I think [we should] give it some more time. It doesn’t feel like [the finale has] dimmed enthusiasm for the show at all. In fact, I feel like show is, more globally, kind of in the zeitgeist than it’s ever been.”

Despite a highly divisive ending, the show still had numerous memorable episodes that touched the hearts of fans all over the world and one could say that the journey is more important than the ending.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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