Floyd “Money” Mayweather has once again stayed true to his name.

According to a report by Page Six, the legendary boxer went to the luxury resale store Privé Porter in order to shop for some epic bags. He ended up spending a fortune of $80,000 and bought Hermès Birkin bags. While it’s unclear who the bags are for, speculation suggests that it’s for a mystery woman he was last spotted with on Miami’s Joia Beach a week ago.

He didn’t say who the bags are for. But it was implied [they were] for his ever-growing collection.

An insider to Page Six team
Hermes bags previously purchased by Floyd Mayweather

Page Six also reported that Mayweather reached the store after one of his associates had reached the store and FaceTimed him to come to the store ASAP after finding the bag collection interesting.

The insider revealed to Page Six that “He then arrived within 25 minutes and spent $80,000 in 10 minutes on four bags.” While might just be that he has a bag collection for his own, the possibility that a certain someone has entered his life isn’t out of the question as well.

Nitish Vashishtha

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