Cardi B has a lot of fans who would fight anyone on social media for besmirching her name. Funk Master Flex has no love for her lyrical stylings and he’s not afraid to double-down on that opinion.

The famous DJ shared his unfiltered opinion of Cardi B recently. During the Cigar Talk podcast, the longtime Hot 97 radio personality went into his disdain for Cardi B in a big way as he informed the world how weak he thinks she is on the microphone. She’s a good entertainer, but her rapping is whack if you ask Flex.

“I do think Cardi B is a terrible rapper, my n-gga, I just do, man. She’s an amazing entertainer, I love her on social media, I love the way she talks about a subject, I like her whole swag, I like everything. She’s a terrible rapper, man. I don’t know. Even if somebody [else] wrote [her songs], those aren’t good bars. So somebody sold you bad bars! Is nobody gonna fucking say it?”

“Cardi’s consistently getting somebody else to write her shit,” he said on Instagram Live at the time. “I can’t stand rappers who don’t write they shit! What did we learn today boys and girls? Write your own shit! And when your shit gets funny, don’t go on the gram and turn your comments off, [and] don’t fire your management as soon as you get to the right place!”

Funk Flex already made it clear in 2018 that Cardi B is a great entertainer and her songs are decent, but she’s terrible at rapping. He’s not backing down from that part of his statement at all.

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