The miracle of childbirth can be one of the most beautiful things to happen to parents. However, it seems something even more miraculous happened to a couple recently.

According to a report by The Washington Post, Rebecca Roberts and her partner struggled with infertility for over a year, which made them all the more elated when they got a positive result with an at-home pregnancy test, 

During the 12-week ultrasound appointment, the sonographer noticed something that shocked everyone. It seemed as if Roberts was suddenly carrying two babies, one of whom was far less developed than the other.

”I thought something awful had happened,” Roberts said. “The sonographer looked at me and was like, ‘Do you know you’re expecting twins?’

Her pregnancy was diagnosed as superfetation, a very rare condition in which a woman who is already pregnant conceives another baby. As stated by her obstetrician, David Walker, Roberts’ pregnancy is one of few superfetation cases recorded in medical literature

“It just doesn’t happen. We were concerned because the second twin was much smaller. It was only by regularly scanning and seeing that the rate of growth was consistently three weeks behind that we realized it was superfetation.”

Walker further explained the abnormality of Roberts’ situation.

“Instead of stopping ovulation, she released another egg about three or four weeks after the first one, and the egg somehow miraculously managed to fertilize and implant in her uterus,”

While the doctor was initially concerned about the health of the babies, it seems they were in good health and proceeded well as Roberts would eventually give birth to them.

This bizarre situation simply goes to show that life is truly unpredictable and one simply can’t know what will happen next.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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