Britney Spears officially underwent getting the Covid-19 vaccination, and she recounted the experience in a detailed Instagram post. She posted a video of herself with boyfriend Sam Asghari. She said:

OK, the people on the internet said it was really, really bad, it was like a bullet going through your arm. t was nothing. I felt nothing. I’m fine, and I hope I continue to stay fine.

From start to finish, Britney Spears could not stop smiling, and gave her boyfriend a high-five at the ending of the video. She has been dating Sam Asghari for nearly 5 years, which is an excellent period of time to bond over. Asghari left a comment on the video saying:

As @sachabaroncohen saids [sic] great success👏.

Since her response to the Covid-19 vaccine inspired fans to remove any doubt and fear of the vaccine from their minds and simply go for it. One fan said: “Protect our Princess of pop at all costs!!” while another one comment “OVERPROTECTED💉” referring to her 2001 hit.

While Britney Spears had been in the headlines recently for not very wholesome reasons, it seems that the latest video by the queen of pop gave fans some reassurance about her as well as dispelled the vaccine fear from the fans’ hearts.

Nitish Vashishtha

Nitish is a freelance writer and correspondent who has been covering celebrity news, pop culture and entertainment for over 4 years. He has experience writing for various media outlets and continues to be passionate about bringing the latest news and insights to readers.

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