Saw is one of the most popular classics of the horror genre. Even though the next installment of the franchise, ‘Spiral: From the Book of Saw’ hasn’t released yet, production for Saw 10 is already underway.

Fans have been loyal to the franchise since the first installment, directed by James Wan featuring Cary Elwes, Leigh Wannell, and Danny Glover.  Spiral, the 9th film will finally release in the second week of May. Chris Rock stars in the movie with Samuel L. Jackson and Max Minghella.

According to Production Weekly (via Bloody Disgusting), a new production listing has revealed that Saw 10 is in development. The listing features the name Saw X, which is most likely a working title rather than the movie’s final name. In addition to production companies Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate, original director Wan’s production company Atomic Monster is also involved. We do not have any further details about the new movie, but can confirm that the tenth instalment has been given the go ahead

While most horror movie sequels do get greenlit early, this case is fairly unique as Spiral: From the Book of Saw hasn’t been released yet, as a result its audience reception is still unknown.

We will have to wait and see how Spiral is received by the audience although we are very hopeful and glad that the franchise is till continuing.


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