If they’re not hating, then you’re not getting enough attention, and Cardi B gets plenty of both. She recently had to take on one brave hater online.

Cardi B started out by calling attention to a page dedicated to throwing shade at her. She screencapped the page and then captioned to give her honest take of the situation.

The GP? A page that is full of cardi haters ?Yes I said wat I said if you a girl I don’t gotta automatically hop on dick I have supported so many females.I put them on my fashionnova show,on my music video, tweet support but don’t mean I have to wit every1 was wrong wit that ?

One hater, possibly from that group Cardi just called out, tweeted out to the WAP rapper. She dragged Cardi’s personal life into the situation by saying that her man cheats on her as well.

“THE OBSESSION, leave stan Twitter @iamcardib. U are literally a grown ass woman with a baby and a man that cheats on you”

Cardi B must have read that tweet a couple of times, because she replied to each accusation that was made about her. Then she recommended that those haters should get off her dick after calling that account for being a spam page.

A baby who is richer then you and a nikka that will smack the sh*t out your father. This tweet was about me right ? I can reply to sh*t that it’s about Me. You grown with a spam page ON MY PAGE .I guess you need some1 to cheat on you so you can GET OFF MY DICK

Cardi B isn’t afraid to call out her haters, especially when they set up groups dedicated to throwing shade at her. She will keep cashing in with her brand and planning that sophomore solo album that everyone keeps hearing about.

You can check out the tweets below unless she deletes them, which she is known to do.

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