Lil Uzi and JT confirmed their relationship to the world a while back and have been very public about their affair ever since. However, in a recent IG Live session with JT’s best friend Yung Miami, Lil Uzi had a tense moment where he seemingly spoke to the rapper disrespectfully.

This led to all hell breaking lose on social media and fans started making speculations about the couple’s relationship and more. Although JT came forward with a clarification, stating that everything that happened was all fun and games, fans aren’t buying any of it.

Fans started accusing JT of “changing” after coming into a relationship with Uzi and the slander towards the couple kept increasing. However, Uzi has now come forward in defense of JT and has asked fans to leave her alone.

A video clip surfaced online where Uzi can be heard saying that JT should be left alone by the fans. He addressed the rumors stating that JT could be getting pregnant and questioned how fans know for sure if she already isn’t.

He also said that neither JT nor he have changed one bit like fans believe they have.

Leave JT alone. You talkin’ about gettin’ pregnant. How you know she not already pregnant? Leave her alone. She ain’t for that. Y’all talkin’ ’bout y’all miss the old JT. Ain’t nothin’ changed. F*ck is y’all talkin’ ’bout. Ain’t nothin’ changed with me, you think somethin’ changed with her?

You can listen to the audio clip here:

Thank you to Hot New Hip Hop for the quotes.

Darshan Sheth

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