In the 1986 martial arts film The Karate Kid Part II, Daniel LaRusso’s relationship with Ali Mills comes to an end. He eventually gets over the breakup after LaRusso meets Kumiko, played by Tamlyn Tomita in Okinawa, Japan. The two eventually fell in love as well.

The two would reunite in season 3 of Cobra Kai as Kumiko helps Daniel out of a very messy situation. She reads him touching letters written by his late sensei Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) and helps save his failing business. While LaRusso is married, he definitely has great chemistry with Kumiko and that has led many fans to wonder whether they will rekindle their romance in season 4.

During a February interview with Steve Varley, Tomita acknowledged that many Cobra Kai fans would like Daniel and Kumiko to get back together.

“I understand the fanship out there for Kumiko and Daniel but you know now we’ll see where the universe takes us — takes the Karate Kid universe, Cobra Kai universe and I love all the fans for loving on that and wishing that.”

Tomita noted that while her character might still have feelings for Daniel LaRusso, it is unlikely she will do anything about it.

“We’re allowed to dream. We’re allowed to fantasize. We’re allowed to hope, of course, and we keep those hidden because to act upon those will have consequences, you know, for Kumiko to you know sashay in to the LaRusso’s household in Encino … it would be really bold and it would be and it would really upset that universe.”

The upcoming fourth season of Cobra Kai is currently in production and is sure to be a hit with fans. We will have to see when it makes its way onto Netflix.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

Subhojeet has been a massive fan of professional wrestling for over 22 years, since the early days of the Monday Night Wars. Aside from wrestling, he also is into TV shows, movies, Anime, novels and a lot of music.

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