Racism might be an all-pervasive force in the world, but African-Americans being stereotyped and acted upon with brutal force by American cops holds a special place for being distinct.

According to Blavcity, the rapper, actor and entrepreneur Romeo Miller did a re-tell of the story to The Mix. he stated that he was riding his car close to the UCLA campus when he was stopped by a cop.

In UCLA, you get pulled over there, you better have that camera recording because they don’t play no games. The guy pulled me over at gunpoint, a Black cop, and he was like ‘Is this a stolen vehicle.’ I’m like ‘Relax. Just come check my registration and get my driver’s license.’

While the cop was under the suspicion that the car Romeo was riding had been stolen, it suddenly dawned upon him after checking out his registration papers that the driver is in fact Romeo Miller, and he went on to apologize.

When he saw it was me, he said ‘Oh, Romeo Miller? Oh, you good. I thought you were just some random Black dude.’ It’s scary for me because my brothers ain’t famous. They bigger than me at 6’4,” 6’5.” These guys are intimidated by Black men.

While the artist was glad that things didn’t fall apart and he was recognized, he also reflected on the fact that many African-Americans who look like him get into this predicament, but they never have the same outcome as him, given that they don’t have fame and recognition to support him.

While Romeo Miller has been considerably lucky in this regard, he has been making headlines as well. Recently he complimented Justin Bieber on using Martin Luther King Jr. on his record, even going as far as to defend him.

Nitish Vashishtha

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