Nia Riley’s accusations against Soulja Boy haven’t invoked a response from him so far. While she said that the rapper used to physically abuse her, she has returned with more to say against the rapper.

After Quavo’s video in which he was physically abusing his own girlfriend at the time Saweetie, Nia Riley has more against him. The actress said that people are treating the actions of Quavo against Saweetie in the same way they reacted to her allegations against Soulja Boy. She tweeted:

I know y’all don’t gaf about women bc my ex a whole ass abusive known clown and y’all still entertain him. If he can’t get cancelled no1 can.

She also posted a graphic image on Twitter with several messages. It said “Let’s normalize NOT normalizing abuse,” along with the #ProtectAllWomen hashtag. The image also featured the definition of the word “abuse.”

The ex-couple appeared on Love & Hip Hop together, where Soulja Boy and Nia detailed their doomed relationship together. Nia was right beside him in the show when he revealed that she had been engaging in infidelity while dating her.

Nia has some unsettling accusations against Soulja Boy, including Soulja Boy putting her on gun point as well as kicking her in the stomach which led Nia to have a miscarriage.

Nitish Vashishtha

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