Kodak Black became one of the luckiest 143 men in the U.S prison system – such as Lil Wayne, Steve Bannon, and Desiree Perez – when he was pardon out of his prison sentence by former President of the U.S. Donald Trump before he gave up the office. Since then, Kodak has not stopped singing praises around Trump and it seems that he’s never stop being grateful his freedom.

During an interview with TMZ, Kodak Black said some nice things about Donald Trump. He said “I’m a real one, Trump a real one.” He followed it up with “We gemini’s. His birthday’s two days after mine.”

He also showed the MAGA hat he was wearing, which he received from Trump and carries his autograph as well.


While he is pretty happy about getting released from prison, he sure is making good use of that time. He stated in the interview that he has been working hard on making new music and already has 167 songs recorded.

His audio engineer had revealed last week that Black has a total of 167 songs recorded, which is a huge deal in and of itself. He also stated that he needs features from Beyoncé and Justin Bieber on a few songs.

“The music is easy. It’s just me taking my time, you know … setting my future up and not going back to prison or jail, none of that type of stuff. Y’all tell Justin Bieber I have a song for him … I got a song I need Beyoncé on … I just need her to do two bars and I got the rest.

Whether Beyoncé or Justin Bieber will reach out the Kodak to respond to his offer is hard to say, but what’s definitely certain is that it’s going to be Christmas for Kodak Black fans when he makes his return in the music industry with tons of new music.

Nitish Vashishtha

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