Cardi B is one of the most bold female musicians ever. While she never shies away from showing off her voluptuous body, she also has some impress body art inked on herself, which she decided to show off to the world once again.

On Sunday, Cardi B once again put her body art on a public exhibition as an Instagram story after she posted a video of herself in just a G-string. The rapper fixes her long hair while showing off her large back tattoo.

The largely detailed tattoo starts from the top of her left shoulder, covers her entire back and goes all the way to her derriere. The tattoo is composed of a hummingbird, varies flowers as well as butterflies. The colors on the masterfully detailed tattoo range from purple, orange, blue, red, yellow to even green & pink.

The first time Cardi revealed her huge tat was in May 2020, when she had first received it. She announced that the tattoo had taken artist Jamie Schene of Union3 Tattoo many months to complete, since it is so complicated and filled with miniature details. Checkout the tattoo below.

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