Lil Yachty has been going through a mockery-phase on TikTok, as the rapper has become a meme on the platform after he was seen flying coach. The rapper states that even though he can take a private jet to go anywhere he wants, he doesn’t really have to.

However, after the rapper revealed on Instagram that he has the last four-digits to Tekashi’s Amex Card, fans are suspicious of him, even going as far as to think that 6ix9ine is about to get scammed.

Even though one of rap’s greatest villains hasn’t been too active on social media, he posted a gallery on Instagram, flexing a Lamborghini, showing off his purchase of gifts at Chanel and flowers for his girlfriend Jade. He also included the picture of his bill in the gallery, and Lil Yachty decided to foreshadow a potential scam that he might pull on the rap’s antagonist himself.

Lil Yachty appeared on Million Dollaz Worth of Game to reveal that he pays $52,000 every month, which probably explains why he’s ready to loot another rapper’s money.

Nitish Vashishtha

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