Rebel Wilson is not amused with reckless dog owners.

The “Pitch Perfect” star hurt her leg in a bike crash in London, which was allegedly the result of a canine that was let off its leash and running wild. The actress took to Instagram to express her feelings.

“F–k people who don’t have their dogs on the lead and let them run onto the road!!”

Wilson also posted a photo of her injured legs elevated on a table, with ice packs on her left foot and shin.

People reported that Wilson had also posted a clip of her happily peddling before the accident. 

“But 20 minutes earlier before the accident I was cycling great!!”

We hope Rebel Wilson has a speedy recovery and is back to peddling away merrily in no time.

Teresa Williams

Lover of books, English TV shows, food enthusiast and everything pop culture.

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