Many NBA superstars have been going down with injuries as the Western Conference tournaments have been going on. LeBron James became the next NBA superstar in line after he came down with a sprained ankle while going through a match against the Atlanta Hawks.

As the superstar tried to walk after incurring the injury, he decided that he is unable to do so with his whole bodyweight and decided to leave the court. After he was on the sidelines while the Los Angeles Lakers went onto face the Phoenix Suns, it became apparent that the superstar will take a fair amount of time to recover.

As per The Athletic’s Shams Charania, the Lakers would have to wait for many weeks before his injury recovers and he can entire the court again. While that might mean that he can take as much as 2 months, it is probably better than rushing the injury, which the Lakers probably wouldn’t want to.

While LeBron James isn’t on the court showing off his fascinating talent and scoring for the Lakers, they can go as low as the bottom half of the rankings. With Anthony Davis being out of action as well, it does not seem like a good time for the Lakers.

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