Trading Cards are rather trivial, until one finds a trading card bears the signature of a famous celebrity. After 2005 Topps “Signs Of Stardom” trading card went up for a sale at the Golden Auctions, things really heated up for it.

While the initial bid for the card started around the mark of $2,000, one bidder after another started to keep making bigger and bigger bids, until the card was settled to be auctioned at $105,780. This is the most amount of money a non-sport related card/TGC card has ever been sold for.

A card being sold for more than $100,000 only becomes a testament to the fact that a mere signature by the Jigga Man himself can turn anything valuable. While Jay-Z has been making headlines after his daughter Blue Ivy became the second youngest person to ever win a Grammy, this is pretty report-worthy news as well.

Along with the Jay-Z signed trading card, a Giannis Antetokounmpo Precious Metal Gems went out for about $100,000, while another 1992 Little Sun High School card with a signature by Derek Jeter sold for about $60,000, which is the most amount of money a Jeter card has ever been sold for.

Nitish Vashishtha

Nitish Vashishtha is a freelance writer/contributor from India. He’s written content for companies like ScoopWhoop and Sportskeeda. He’s been writing about pop-culture, current affairs and pro-wrestling since 2017.

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