The Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing but some believe that it has miraculously disappeared.

Case in point, hundreds of Miami residents have been violating COVID protocols in the last few days according to Mayor Dan Gelber leading to their arrest.

As vacationers flock to Florida for spring break, some felt the need to celebrate by mobbing streets and dancing on police cars.

The Miami Beach Police Department tweeted on Friday that officers had to use pepper balls to disperse the crowd and to arrest a suspect.


After the arrests, two officers were hospitalized for minor injuries. Miami Beach Police Chief Rick Clements told CBS Miami that people were “throwing up money into the air,” which only worsened the situation. In an official statement, Gelber had this to say

“We’ve got too many people coming, we’ve got too many people acting out and we have COVID at the same time, so it’s a triple threat, If you’re coming here to disrupt then it’s not worth the money to us. It’s not worth the revenue. You cannot pay our community to endure the kind of inappropriate and improper conduct that we’ve been seeing… If you’re coming here because you think anything goes, you’re going to have a terrible time. We’re going to arrest you. We’ve made hundreds and hundreds of arrests.”

While Florida does not actually have a statewide mask mandate, the city of Miami Beach extended its state of emergency declaration through March 17 which includes a midnight curfew. 

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