Christopher Lloyd, who played Doc Brown in the iconic Back To The Future series will be getting back into his old shoes for a 4-episode series on the Discovery+ show called “Expedition: Back To The Future” where he teams up with Josh Gates to look for a DeLorean that was used in the filming of the series.

The pairs’ goal is to find the car and donate it to the Michael J. Fox foundation. The show will feature Lloyd as who he is as well as a version of Doc Brown as well. He will reconnect with many of his old cast members such as Fox and Lea Thompson in his quest for finding the long-lost car. Lloyd revealed to TooFab:

Initially, it just seemed like an interesting project. I mean, for Doc Brown to come back and be in present time … I was intrigued by being Doc Brown and also being Chris, and how that was gonna work out and what that would mean in various ways. So, it was kind of an adventure.

While Lloyd hadn’t gotten back into the role of Doc Brown in more than 35 years, he got back into the groove of the character quite nicely. He also revealed that he initially felt that there might be an issue with chemistry between him and Josh, but seeing him work resolved all of his anxieties.

Before I met Josh, I really didn’t know that much about him that I could go on. So, I was wondering, that’s so important, that chemistry there had to really work for the whole thing. And then I met him and it suddenly it just seemed instinctive. The chemistry just seemed to be in place without having to change our shape.

The series will have four episodes where many things from the franchise will be discussed and brought back from the franchise, from the infamous Flux Capacitor to several other characters from the series.

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