Rich The Kid has always been a key figure in rap who has done a lot to have an effect on the rap culture, even if he doesn’t necessarily get the credit. He has his strengths at the end of the day, and he uses them well.

While he is not the kind of rapper to keep it public, he receives praise from a lot of legends from rap. He’s collaborated with some of the biggest names in rap such as Kendrick Lamar, Future & Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne and Rich The Kid has always been close throughout the years. While they are both rappers by trend and that helps them have fun together, their mutual love for skateboarding is the cherry on top.

Rich took to Instagram earlier to post of photo of himself with Lil Wayne. He was wearing Kobe Bryant’s Lakers jersey himself. Lil Wayne had always been a fan of Kobe’s throughout the years, even dedicating a song to the basketball legend after his passing.


When fans read the caption “The goat says im a GOAT,” they were real confused. While many resorted to saying that Wayne was probably a bit too blazed to know he said that Kid was a GOAT, Rich ended up deciding that it wasn’t worth the firestorm on social media and replaced the caption to something a bit more cryptic.

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