At UFC 259, Aljamain Sterling defeated Petr Yan via DQ and became the NEW UFC Bantamweight Champion. The two men laid it all out in the octagon but Sterling’s victory came in a controversial fashion when Yan hit him with an illegal knee in the fourth round.

After the match, Sterling was very open in expressing his disappointment over the manner in which he won the fight. YouTuber Logan Paul decided to weigh in on the situation and had a few things to say about Sterling’s behavior after the match.

On his IMPAULsive podcast, Paul talked about the match and said that Sterling should have taken the win and chinned up. Paul said that Sterling should walk around with the belt around his waist and that he deserves the title.

In my opinion, take that fu**ing win, chin up. I tweet at him, ‘Walk around with that belt with your chest out. You deserve that sh*t.’ That strike was so disgustingly illegal and you know, I’ve thrown an illegal strike in my life. It wasn’t like that, that was like intent to kill.

Paul said that Sterling was being a bit of a drama queen with his post-match antics and that his walk out from the octagon was also unnecessarily dramatic.

He was being a bit of a drama queen. He walked out, you know, with his arm around his boy, kinda like limping a little bit. Fighters who get like knocked the fu** out, don’t walk like that, they just walk out normally. I thought he was a being a bit dramatic if I’m being honest.

The result of the fight between Sterling and Yan will go down as one of the most controversial endings to a UFC match in history. Hopefully the two men can go head-to-head once again in the future and end it better.

You can watch Paul’s comments on Sterling vs Yan here:

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