Grey’s Anatomy remains one of the most popular TV shows that is still ongoing, since its debut back in 2005. During the 7th episode of season 17, one of the main characters in the ABC drama was killed off. SPOILERS BELOW!

Dr. Andrew DeLuca, who became a fan-favorite, was killed off in that particular episode. The aforementioned episode saw DeLuca chasing after the human trafficker he first saw in the previous season. DeLuca managed to help the authorities apprehend her but was then stabbed.

He almost survived the stabbing but ultimately succumbed to his wounds and lost his life. Now the actor Giacomo Gianniotti has given his thoughts regarding the death of the character. While being interviewed by ET, the actor revealed that he was quite satisfied with the end of his character’s story.

I’m more than satisfied. I really don’t see how they could have done more for DeLuca or explained more with DeLuca, you know what I mean? With the Station 19 episode, we get to dive into a very thrilling episode that feels kind of like an action movie. He’s chasing this criminal through the station and hopping on trains. Very exciting and thrilling. With the opposite side of that, which is there’s some really amazing moments with his sister where they talk about their family and their childhood and their past, so there’s a lot of story and character development there. And then on Grey’s Anatomy, we get the drama of our doctors trying to save his life and DeLuca having closure and Meredith’s dream and having to be able to address a lot of things and talk to her about how he feels about his life and how he didn’t have any regrets and how, even though it cost him his life, he doesn’t regret trying to stop that woman. He’s always been plagued, if you will, about doing the right thing at all costs. Unfortunately it cost him his life, but looking back, he doesn’t regret it.

It was previously reported that the current season of Grey’s Anatomy might just be its last. We will have to see how the series will end, should it truly happen.

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