At UFC 259, UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya lost to Jan Blachowicz via unanimous decision. This was Adesanya’s first loss in the UFC and also his first loss in his MMA career.

This was also Adesanya’s first match in the Light-Heavyweight division and had he won the fight, he could have become a double champion. Another possibility post-victory was for Adesanya to finally get a step closer to facing former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones.

Jones and Izzy have had a long-standing beef in the UFC and Izzy has been very vocal in his desire to fight and defeat Jones. However, Jones on the other hand seems to think that Adesanya isn’t good enough to face him, a claim he repeated with more confidence after UFC 259.

Eugene Bareman, Israel Adesanya’s head coach, recently sat down for an interview with Submission Radio. During the conversation, the topic of a potential fight between Jones and Adesanya came up.

Bareman claimed that although Izzy suffered a defeat against Blachowicz, a potentail fight against Jon Jones is still not off the table.

This fight had nothing to do with Jon Jones. The choice to take it had zero to do with Jon Jones. Jon Jones as a fight hasn’t fizzled away, Jon Jones is a businessman. Jon Jones understands how the PPV market works, and he understands where the money is. And that’s why this fight doesn’t fizzle away. Because at the end of the day, if it makes money it makes sense. Jon knows who the biggest star in the sport is at the moment. And who can get him paid the most. That is why the fight won’t fizzle out.

Jones responded to Bareman’s comments through Twitter. Jones said that Bareman should “give it up” and that if he still wants to send Izzy to fight a 260lbs wrestler after his last performance, he doesn’t care for hsi well-being.

Give it up coach, we’ve all seen your cards, your boy has almost no take down defense or offense off his back. Now you’re just being a cloud trout, if you would honestly send him in there against a 260lb wrestler after that last performance, you don’t care about his well being.

Adesanya will head back to Middleweight while Jones is still making preparations for a potential Heavyweight debut.

Thank you to MMA Planet for the quotes.

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