Azealia Banks raised a lot of headlines when she announced that she will be putting her NFT (non-fungible token) sex tape named “I F*cked Ryder Ripps” on auction on Blockchain. Then the NFT sex tape sold for $17,000 & the couple celebrated that, but as it turns out, they didn’t even know the kind of gains they were in line to make.

Artists such as Grimes & Tory Lanez also made a lot of bucks after cashing in on the cryptocurrency trend and selling their NFT art. If all of this NFT stuff isn’t already confusing to you already, then the fact that an NFT worth $17,000 turned into a valued commodity with worth $275 million is probably mind-boggling to you.

Azealia Banks announced on Instagram that the revaluing of her non-fungible art might make it the most expensive piece of art in the digital form ever.

The revaluing of the tape happened because based on Ethereum. It’s a very common cryptocurrency. The tape was sold for 10 ETH, which translated to $17,000, but after getting back on the market for the reselling, it’s current value stands at 150,000 ETH, which translates to a whopping $275 million.

Azealia took to Instagram again to celebrate the shocking financial gains she made after initially settling for $17,000.

Nitish Vashishtha

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