Actor and Rapper T.I. was part of the first two Ant-Man films where he played the role of “Dave”, one of Scott Lang’s (played by Paul Rudd) crew members. However, as it turns out, T.I. will not be making a return for the third film in the series – ‘Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania’.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, T.I. is not included in the cast for the film and hence will not be reprising his role from the first two films.

Recently, a string of sexual assault allegations were made against the rapper and his wife Tiny but it’s unclear if this was the reason behind his exit from the film.

The couple has been accused of a number of crimes including sexual abuse, kidnapping and forced ingestion of illegal drugs by 11 alleged victims.

However, the couple’s lawyer has come forth to make a statement on their behalf, saying that both T.I. and Tiny deny the allegations made against them.

The filming for the couple’s VH1 program titled “T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle” has also been halted due to the heavy accusations made against the couple.

Darshan Sheth

Darshan Sheth is a freelance news contributor from India. Darshan has been writing about pop-culture since 2016. Outside of news writing, Darshan has been working on building his career in mass media and film-making.

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