Rumors about a feud between English Rapper Stefflon Don and Nicki Minaj have been prevalent in the hip hop fan community for years now. However. Don has now come forward to clear the confusion about her alleged beef with Minaj for good.

Don took to her Twitter handle to address these rumors and put out a series of tweets to clarify the issue. A fan brought up an old tweet by Don which many believed was directed towards Minaj.

Don responded to this by saying that people who bring out her past mistakes will not trick or scare her for things she has apologized for already.

She then confessed that she was indeed targeting a girl who threw shade on her for her skin color with her tweet from 2013. However, she also said that the tweet was ignorant and came out of a place of anger and that she has grown up since then.

Every time I am on a blog people want to bring up my past mistakes. So let me post it here MYSELF for everyone to see. Because you will not trick or scare me with something I my self acknowledged, owned and sincerely apologised for.

Yes this was me almost 10 years ago. Ignorant and angry So I directed this tweet at a girl who shaded me for my colour. I have grown since then and owned up to my mistakes and this is not a reflection of the Woman I am today! I have apologised and moved on I hope you can too.

Don then went on to say that she loves Nicki Minaj as an artist and has always held that opinion. She also said that she was unaware that Minaj was getting hate because of her.

I love nicki as an artist ! always said this and always will ! Nobody can ever change that Respectfully. And hate train..I ddnt even know she was getting hate cuz I wud have kept my opinion2 myself. But a problem W her never it was fans doing the most But just know I BEEN a fan.

Thanks to Don’s explanation, the rumors about Don and Minaj’s feud can now be safely put to rest for good.

Darshan Sheth

Darshan Sheth is a freelance news contributor from India. Darshan has been writing about pop-culture since 2016. Outside of news writing, Darshan has been working on building his career in mass media and film-making.

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