Cockfighting is serious business for some people, and it is often filled with death. It is unusual when a human dies at such an event, but that happened in this case.

A rooster with a 3-inch blade on its leg slashed its owner during an illegal cockfight in Southern India — and the owner died. Officials reported to TMZ that a group of people gathered to watch the cocks throw down in the village of Lothunur, but it ended in human mortality.

The bird’s owner, a 45-year-old named Thangulla Satish, attempted to handle his rooster, but it ended terribly wrong. Something spooked the strapped cock and it stabbed Satish in the groin.

This was a terrible, and bloody situation. Sadly, Satish bled out. It sounds like the bird hit his femoral artery. This happened quickly and Satish did not survive. It’s unknown what happened to the rooster.

Local law enforcement has opened an investigation into the incident — and say the event organizers could face up to 2 years in jail if convicted.

In case you’re unaware, illegal cockfighters will often strap blades to their roosters’ feet to help in battle. That tactic turned out to be a fatal mistake in this instance.

H Jenkins

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