The Long Island home of late mobster Peter Gotti and his then-wife Catherine has been sold for a whopping $651K. According to New York property records, the house was purchased by Gotti back in 1976.

The mobster lived in the house during his peak crime days and then sold it 10 years later for $185K. After undergoing a bunch of renovations, the house was sold again on Dec 17.

The house is a four bedroom and three bathroom property which is built on a 0.24 acre lot. The former Gambino crime boss was very fond of his 1,702 square feet home.

The house is located three blocks from the Long Island Railroad which provides it an easy access to New York city.


After being convicted in 2003, Peter was sentenced to 25 years in prison on a whole bunch of charges including racketeering. It was also alleged that he took control of the Gambino crime organization after his brother, John Gotti was arrested.

Peter Gotti died on Thursday in prison.

Anant Shastri

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