Breonna Taylor was killed by police and it sparked a nationwide outcry for police reform. Her name was spoken along with George Floyd’s and so many others during Black Lives Matter protests. One Georgia teacher told her class that Taylor’s death was her own fault.

Susan McCoy, a high school teacher from Pebblebrook High School in Mableton, Georgia, told her students that Taylor died because of who she associated herself with.

During a Zoom classroom session, which you can view above, McCoy can be heard saying:

“I’m sorry she was killed, but you know, when you hang out with people with guns and shooting, you’re likely to get caught in the crossfire.”


To make matters even worse, McCoy didn’t even say Breonna Taylor’s name. She called her: “What’s her name — Breonna something.” 

She also passed on false allegations against Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker by saying that Breonna Taylor was, “hanging out with the guy who was wanted on charges … and he fired at them, and they fired back.”

Walker was not wanted on charges. He and Breonna Taylor were sleeping in bed when cops broke into their home and shot Taylor, killing her.

McCoy released a public video apology on the matter where she said:

“I want to apologize sincerely publicly for things I said today in my class that had to do with something that I was very ignorant about. I’m just heartbroken that I said something so rude and disrespectful.”

“I should never have talked about something that I didn’t understand and I truly, truly apologize and ask for forgiveness and hope that someday I can have that trust back with my students that I know that I lost.”

As of this writing, school officials aren’t sure if McCoy will face any punishment for those statements and passing off this lie as fact. Not a good look from an educator.

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