Nathan Apodaca, known to the internet by his alias “Doggface” went viral late last year with his laidback skateboarding videos. He is generally beloved among the internet meme communities and has garnered quite the fan following in recent months.

However, as of late, things have not been fine for the beloved internet sensation.

Apodaca and his family were visiting San Francisco to celebrate his daughter’s 14th birthday recently when trouble found it’s way into their celebrations. Doggface’s rental cars were ransacked by burglars near the Twin Peaks Overlook.

TMZ spoke to the internet sensation about the ordeal and he explained the entire situation to them. When the family returned to their rented cars, multiple items were missing including credit cards, checks, sunglasses, wallets and IDs.

Luckily, people found some of Doggface’s belongings including purses and got in touch with them about it. According to the report by TMZ, the Apodaca family lost belongings worth approximately $ 4,000.

Although incidents like these can completely spoil most celebrations, Doggface went on to say that he doesn’t plan on letting this incident ruin his trip and that he was “chill” with it. Furthermore, he revealed that they were told by the locals that such burglaries are very common in that particular area of San Francisco.

Darshan Sheth

Darshan Sheth is a freelance news contributor from India. Darshan has been writing about pop-culture since 2016. Outside of news writing, Darshan has been working on building his career in mass media and film-making.

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