Cardi B has another viral song on her hands with “Up”. This amazing single is growing increasingly influential amongst many of her fans. The song has become her 9th single to enter above the 10th ranking in the Billboard Top 100.

The Billboard No. 2 charter has become a phenomenon on TikTok, where many delivery drivers across the country are using it to create quality content and do dance battle challenges. The Shaded Room shared a post which featured delivery drivers from FedEx, Amazon, UPS & The Postal Service simply bumping out to the tune of the Cardi hit.

Many fans called out Cardi B on social media suggesting that after several of her songs became famous on TikTok, she is making singles and music videos only for the platform.

It obviously didn’t sit well with her, and she had a few tweets in response to the accusations. These accusations suggested that she did it for her songs having more time to have a buzz or for taking the credit of a TikTok hit.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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