Sara Molina thinks that Tekashi 6ix9ine has a Death Wish considering all his controversial antics. People may think that 6ix9ine should be responsible for all his actions, but according to Molina, their daughter is taking all the blame.

As 6ix9ine trolls anyone on the internet who dares challenge him, his ex-girlfriend Sara Molina keeps pleading the public to leave her and her daughter alone.

Moline took to Instagram to publicize someone who was threatening to slap 6ix9ine’s daughter on live. With this, the troubled mother has had enough. She wrote,


This is disgusting that these grown men think by making threates to me child their hurting this p*ssy n*gga [broken heart emoji], Smack his dumb ass b*tch that lets him go all over the internert disrespecting ya , he dont care for my daughter . Leave me daughter out of grown men / street beef . My daughter is innocent all this . Smack that n*gga and whatever else ya want to do to him but leave my child out of it . He dont take care of my child , he doesn’t protect my child, nor does he f*cking love her.

In another slide, she added,

This b*tch ass wig wearing boy would let ya get hyped up over him , disrespect anyone who would or has disrespected him but wouldn’t defend or protect his kid from threats that grown men are making towards his innocent 5 yr old daughter all because he has a death wish and wants to antagonize whoever feeds into his bullsh*t.

Check out her posts below

What do you think about 6ix9ine’s antics on the internet?

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