Microsoft’s CEO Bill Gates has said that many social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, should let former U.S. President Donald Trump start anew if they continue to monitor and “correct” anything he posts. While everyone is still recovering from the political havoc that the ending of Trump’s presidency brought with it, Mr. Gates wants to let Trump communicate with the masses through social media again. 

While being in an interview with CNBC, philanthropist and multi-billionaire Bill Gates made the prediction that Twitter and Facebook should let Trump back in. He said:

“I think at some point he probably will be allowed back on and probably should be allowed back on,”

Bill Gates in an interview with CNBC

Mr. Trump’s social media handles were suddenly removed from many crucial social media websites back in January after the U.S. Capital was stormed by Trump supporters. Mr. Trump used Twitter and Facebook quite extensively to express his thoughts and “information” to his millions of followers.


Quite ironically, Mr. Trump was highly critical of largest media corporations which, he said, provided fake news to its subscribers. According to data released by The Washington Post, Trump’s removal from Twitter actually reduced the amount of election related misinformation circulating among people. 

While many people rejoiced that Mr. Trump was robbed of his beloved social media handles, hip-hop figures such as Krie Hilson and Immortal Technique came forward to talk about the totalitarian aspect of big tech corporations. After all, the big tech companies hold so much importance and power in the society that they’re essentially too big to fall.

You can check out the Bill Gates’ CNBC interview embedded below.

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