XFL Looking to Add NEW RULES

XFL is looking to add some new rules when it returns next year.

While speaking to The Washington Post, XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck discussed some ideas that the league is talking about in terms of new rules.

The first potential new rule is a three-point conversion following a touchdown.

  • Earning one extra point by converting a score from the two-yard line
  • Earning two points by scoring from the five-yard line
  • Earning three points by scoring from the 15-yard line

Other potential rules

  • Shorter play clock (NFL play clock is 40 seconds)
  • Moving the kick-off to the 25-yard line
  • Players remain still until kick-off is caught
  • Putting teams on the 35-yard line following fourth-down attempts
  • No ties, each time has a set number of opportunities and most scores would win.

Luck stated, “I think there’s a really fine line between innovating and being gimmicky, and we’re trying to stay on the proper side of that. We don’t want to do gimmicks. Gimmicks in XFL 1 didn’t work very well. These are legitimate improvements to the game.”

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Steve Carrier

Founder of Thirsty for News & Ringside News