Peggy Lipton with daughter Rashida Jones. Image Credit - Entertainment Tonight

Twin Peaks Star Peggy Lipton Passes Away After a Long Battle With Cancer

Today is indeed a dark day for the world of cinema and avant-garde entertainment.

Peggy Lipton with Twin Peaks creator David Lynch.

Peggy Lipton, who is famous for her role in David Lynch’s critically acclaimed series “Twin Peaks” and the acclaimed 60’s show “The Mod Squad,” passed away at the age of 72. Peggy was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2004.

Rashida Jones (The Social Network, Parks & Recreation) & Kidada Jones, Peggy’s daughters made a statement prior to her death.

We are heartbroken that our beloved mother passed away from cancer today. She made her journey peacefully with her daughters and nieces by her side. We feel so lucky for every moment we spent with her. We can’t put all of our feelings into words right now but we will say: Peggy was, and will always be our beacon of light, both in this world and beyond. She will always be a part of us.

Rashida & Kidada Jones on Peggy Lipton’s Demise.

Peggy was famous for her roles in Twin Peaks and the 60’s show The Mod Squad, where she plays an undercover cop with a hippie attire. The Mod Squad was a highly influential show for which Peggy got an Emmy nomination and ultimately a Golden Globe award in 1971.

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