New Alabama Bill To Turn Filing False Rape Accusations Itself A Crime

A bill which makes the act of falsely accusing people a criminal activity came into the light last week. Introduced and read by Rep. Dickie Drake, the bill would turn the false accusation of a sexual crime a Class C Felony.

The false accusation, according to the bill, is a criminal activity. The person who will commit such a crime will face prison time up to 10 years.

If the investigation yields the result that the accused is not guilty, then the accuser would have to pay all the legal expenses and compensate for the damages done.

“It’s not solving a new problem,” Connolly said. “It is a problem if someone makes a false report, and that’s rare. It’s an effort to silence men and women who are coming forward about sexual assault. It’s an effort to make them afraid to come forward.”

Kathleen Connolly, Director of Alabama Coalition Against Rape.

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Nitish Sharma