Kelsey Dawn Williamson

Mom Orders T-shirt For 3-Year-Old, Finds “F*CK THA POLICE” Slogan On It

The anti-establishment slogan ‘F*CK THA POLICE’ enjoys a lot of popularity because of the classic hip-hop group N.W.A. However, apparently, this slogan has found its way in the kid’s clothing industry.

Kelsey Dawn Williamson

Kelsey Dawn Williamson, mother of a 3-year-old from Illinois ordered a t-shirt of the cartoon “Frog and Toad.” Somehow, she received a t-shirt which was 95% same as it was advertised; except it had “F*CK THA POLICE” written on it.


Williamson said that it was very confusing but very funny. Her daughter’s photo has garnered 27,000 shares on Facebook and is famous on other social media platforms as well.

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