MMA Fighter Says Coconut Water is “F*cking Disgusting,” Gets Offered a Jar of Pee

The year is 2019 and the sign of the times suggest that if you’re on Twitter shamelessly tweeting about hating coconut water, you might just get yourself a jar of fresh pee.

In an incident that transpired on May 15, Vita Coco, a famous coconut water brand asked famous MMA fighter Tony Posnanski for his address so that they could send a fresh jar of piss his way.

Tony tweeted about how he hates the taste of coconut water. Where it was an act for Tony to express his hatred for the coconut water, it was a chance for Vita Coco’s social media manager to get the brand some screen time.

However, it later turned out that both were in cahoots to help each other expand. This was a campaign that the brand had launched to increase brand awareness.

However, it was later confirmed by a conversation between a reporter and Vita Coco’s official account that the pee was, indeed, real.

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Nitish Sharma