Jimmy Fallon Takes Shots At Game of Thrones Water Bottle Blunder

Not only was Game of Thrones’ final season thrashed by millions of fans but it also featured multiple embarrassing set blunders on two of its episodes.

In episode 4, fans all over the world spotted a coffee cup lying around in a frame. This initiated a thousand different memes all over social media.

However, as it turned out, this wasn’t the only blunder the show had. In one of the most important scenes in the series finale, a plastic water bottle was spotted near Samwell Tarly’s feet.

In of The Tonight Show’s monologues, host Jimmy Fallon took several shots at these repeated blunders on what is arguably the world’s biggest TV show.

Fallon opened the bit by saying that it was so hot in New York that people started asking Game of Thrones for more water bottles. Fallon then reminded the audience of the coffee cup incident and said that at this point the Iron Throne should just have cup holders.

He then said that fans were just one episode from being introduced to “Lord Dunkin” and “Lady Gatorade”. In this 7 minutes long video, Fallon took several shots at the show’s series finale and didn’t hold any punches in doing so:

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