HUGE Petition Started to Reboot Game of Thrones Season 8 with “Competent Writers”

Game of Thrones has been breaking viewership records with its final season but it seems like the fans are quite disappointed with the epic fantasy’s conclusion.

The recent events of the show have angered the fans so much that they’ve started a petition to reboot season 8 entirely but with “competent writers”.

So far, over 350,000 people have signed this petition and the number is speedily increasing. Here’s what the description for the petition reads:

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have proven themselves to be woefully incompetent writers when they have no source material (i.e. the books) to fall back on.

This series deserves a final season that makes sense.

Subvert my expectations and make it happen, HBO!

The show will air its final episode on this Sunday but it seems like a significant amount of damage has been done and a lot of people are hellbent on having HBO reboot the show’s final chapter.

You can check out the petition to reboot Game of Thrones Season 8 by clicking here.

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