Arnold schwarzenegger Drop-Kicked by fan

Fan Drop-Kicks Arnold Schwarzenegger In The Back, Begs For a Lamborghini

According to a TMZ report, a fan tried to drop-kick Arnold Schwarzenegger. This incident took place in South Africa. Arnold was there in one of his Arnold Classic events, namely Arnold Classic Africa.

Tons of kids participate in Arnold Classic events each year. Arnold was simply meeting and getting photos with fans until he got a surprised by a drop-kick.

The fan leapt at Arnold in a drop-kicking manner, hitting his back out of the blues. However, Arnold didn’t take the fall or sustain any injury.

The craziest thing happened after the attack, where the fan said at three different occasions “Help me, I need a Lamborghini.”

Find the footage of the incident via this tweet given below:

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Nitish Sharma