Conservatives may differ from each other over all the political matters, but there’s one person that they all ceaselessly root for– Ben Shapiro. Sadly though, this is a dark day for our conservative hero, the DESTROYER OF THE LEFTIST SNOWFLAKES (aka the clueless 20-somethings).

Famous Political Reporter Mark Di Stefano Twitting On The Matter

Ben Shapiro was on a BBC show with a reputable journalist when the unexpected happened; he had to leave the show in outrage!

While being on the show to promote his new book, The Right Side Of History, he was being questioned by host Andrew Neil, a renowned journalist. Neil held onto Shapiro’s advocacy of Georgia’s new Abortion Policy.

After many re-readings of Shapiro’s harsh old tweets, he simply called out Neil for being a leftist. Andrew Neil is particularly famous for his conservative views, and that’s where Shapiro knew, he messed up. Sadly, he was right; Facts didn’t care about his feelings either.

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Nitish Sharma