Artist Named ‘Curvy Wife Guy’ Makes A Song On His Thicc Wife, Calls It ‘Chubby Sexy’

It is a sign of the times to have an artist named “Curvy Wife Guy” dropping a new single named ‘Chubby Sexy.’ Robbie Tripp is the real name of Curvy Wife Guy. In 2017, Robbie managed to go viral with an Instagram post that described his curvy wife in rather unsettling detail.

Many shared the post for its humorous outlook, while others criticized it for posing a fake fictional character in order to play a pretend-feminist.

After announcing the pregnancy of his wife ‘Sarah’, he made a post saying ”
a sacred vessel carrying my seed, the heir to the Tripp name, creating life in her beautiful, soft, increasingly round tummy.”

Talk about curve-love. Find the link to his latest song “Chubby Sexy” down below. If you’re curious about what the song’s like, it’s just the worship of the curve, really.

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Nitish Sharma